Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instantaneous Times

 Today's man look at himself in a broken mirror, wants to find simple answers to all that goes around, have lost the ability to surprise, research and create in every sense of the word.
What sets ideals in our lives are no marks carved by learning and experiences but trademarks and logos, our vision is mutilated by the excess of mass production products that fill the sections of all the places where we go making even the simple task of choosing among them a stifling dilemma.
a person is not important but what wears from this or that designer the cost of clothing, cars and all the material things that possess.
We have no conversations personally but text messages, we don’t go around our cities but we search on the web, we know people in a virtual and distant way.

So I've decided to take a lost road in these instant times:
I buy second hand things no matter if the brand is cheap as long as I like it.
I feel comfortable with the basic.
I meet and speak personally with friends around my place.
I have no TV.
I use the web to find and keep in touch with my relative in the distance mainly.
I try to keep my mind fresh and my view focus in every detail that happens around me.
Whenever I can I escape to an outdoor area and take a walk.

These practices make me understand how far we are from ourselves, how wide the fiction that cover us is and how these conditions keeps us away from any reality even the fundamental ones.

The reality of our experiences were never instantaneous and less isolated unlike each one place in us a contribution that at the end build who we are, and our ability to walk and live with our environment, although we are every day more citizens of the world in a global context, we must know ourselves deeply and sincere to achieve a thought which we have departed from, So that way we again feel real emotions, have smiles, look and recognize each other.

I encourage you to live and walk in a different way to avoid these instantaneous and secular effects.