Sunday, December 16, 2012


Everyone wants a piece of the cake without exception we play in our heads to be perfect in every situation and travel very far into our minds as far as we can.

I love the other way, brought by the changing world, as the sphere where we sit, the ecstasy of a constant present, without yesterday or tomorrow this novelty like the air that differ systematically and the situations that I never expected.

I'm part of that never-ending falling avalanche, of that fierce wave that drags everything we are and we are subjected to.

I am part of an eternal developing language, I like to have everything and lose it too fragile until the end.

The imperfection of the streets, the lack of direction in traffic signs, fast and fleeting.

And I bet myself all the time, I like to exercise and feel being born every minute, which many chrysalides agglutinated one inside the other.

And the effort, hard work, regardless of the outcome, I do it at present, raw, real, alive and current.

I love the other way established by no one, I have no leaders, images, models, my own imperfect way that builds and destroys me.

I prefer the other way which is not planned, that is not taught at school, and I do not foresee that plays hard leaving its mark.

I get along without examining the wild and free, without fear, without prescriptions, no pamphlets that warn.

Everyone wants a piece of the cake, not daring, without energy, no time, we can never bet on the future.

We all put ourselves in deal situations without living them, in express, in a rapid eye movement.

We all want the best without a slightest effort; we all have what we deserve to.

Look around you NOW.

Who are you?

Monday, December 10, 2012


An alarm set in exact date and time for the purpose of alerting us to any specific event, almost deaf sound that we place between clockwise with the clear intention of discipline.
What about that alarm anyone hears echoes in the absolute emptiness uncontrollably lost like thunder breaking heaven’s horizon without being noticed by anyone.

Can you tell me of those speeches that lead nowhere, a platform of outright lies dissuasive looking to invert realities.

You try too hard on refining the mutilating sound that reaches deep into people upsetting and confusing society that scares and dislocate.

You make sure to transcend, to perpetuate your nonsensical reasons; your dazed head seems not to negotiate with your own degenerative ideas and a dose of pathological necrosis.

You're a big fraud, a drunken gypsy comparsa, who move with their own laws and dislocating realities as fighting a guerrilla war.

It is a capital sin today losing objectivity in all forms, but how to ask that in a place where no one has the courage to achieve and maintain strong ideas.

Is a needed armor, iron harder, a revolutionary soul that breaks out of this strongly negative scheme to detached from the deafness.

Here we are as two great natural adverse forces, as cold and warm front forming a large storm of ignorance and lack of faith, faith? An idea of societies culturally erased, an engine that was extinguished forever.

Facing this condition does not work there is no substitute to support this great deficiency that weakens us.

In times where we only demand a precise dose of truth in all circumstances of our lives and our environment.

So what about the alert sound you did not hear in the morning when you needed it most, warning voice that you never heard.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Common Sense

A body captured by evil, a human possessed by demons that bind him, sink him and make him desperate.

Exorcise it from our point of view the task of bringing out these evil beings that have held a soul and seized the body, is after an analysis of the journey of that person life when we come to such a conclusion.

It is how we know when a string of random and deliberate events dragged the unfortunate person succumbing in the arms of one or hundreds of thousands of paranormal ruthless voices.

Each time it works less this labor of god’s divine favor has increasingly less likely when you look around, when you walk your path and becomes more dense and confusing.

What are the demons that challenge us today? Irresponsibility, hypocrisy, lack of motivation, vanity, inverse values, the idolatry of puppets, excessive hatred, selfishness, each one separate is a large and uncontrollable beast and an animal of epic proportions when they get together.

Exorcise it is a thing of the past now we have to swim against those currents to get out of this endless quotes that we have done with beings who govern us in all orders and thinkable situations.

And it's not a matter of poses it is of salvation that grows like a cactus in this mental desert, rises in its alternative form Picasso style, strange black and white caricature, with no term.

Grunge sordid sound dazed and sedated heart, a lost taste, eyes closed, red sun, the cartography of a lost country.

Human geography lying on the floor, theater of the absurd, prolific horror pantomime.

Exorcise was thing of the past when we were coming slowly, when they still existed and now that we are all here there is no consensus there is no ceasefire to wait a sunrise.

A mural of horror that is growing a very violent protest that ended with common sense.

common sense?