Monday, February 11, 2013

Noun dance

A grunge sound scattered in the desert, many souls twisted.

Step assertion, perplexed looks.

Voice of lament that can be heard going away with real power.

Catapult of gray fog, opaque, contrary.

Inadvertent, unintelligible.

A disorganized motion does not know its destination.

Transparent asylum, crucial retirement.

Violent note of falling knives cutting the possibilities.

It hurts and wounds.

Many dancing balloons are floating as asymmetric rebels.

Counterweight almost completely suppressed, mute ideas.

Tribute to oblivion, to eviction and ideological marginality.

Exaltation of the incomplete, corroded.

Permanent damaged, catastrophic collapse.

Embryo that resists being born and mutates into many others.

Dead moving intentions, castrated device.

Dramatic resolution.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

After a While

Do you Feel to be back to life after a long death, recovering an old breath, marked from confusing events that hit you hard in the heart and reason.

You come up off the dirty floor and confused in a different place in a widened horizon sky.

As a wave crashing constantly bouncing continuous ties, emerged from a catastrophic chain reaction, an absurd meteor, not sure of where to go.

I got tired of that way i've lost the road, did not know how to find it ever again.

The motivation of shouting in the middle of too much noise, ambition and hysteria.

You feel like defrosted, your ligaments resumed their flexibility and viscous new movements.

You open your eyes after an induced coma of personal power and misery.

Absolutism, abuse, lack of opportunity.

Your blood becomes loaded with fuel running after a while, after endless nights without days.

Other scents awaken your soul, differ from lethargy, motivation and suggests research.

You come back again from a remote, ethereal blind place.

You open your mouth after many years, another language, without aggression, without revenge.

Back from the land of the vultures, extensive mental barriers.

Confusion, macabre theater.

You can mourn sincerely.

You can live honestly.

Today you can be, and remove the tombstone that bears your name and leave that cemetery of ideas.

Today you get up again.