Sunday, January 20, 2013

Then I left

When I leave, amending, finding

No matter where you go when you stop repressing and suppressing others you grow and they say when you feel vulnerable you also can get up with strength.

I have heard many wise words, proverbs and phrases but none is more enriching than constant self search, sincerity, friendship, and people giving their honest feelings endlessly.

In a world defined by adverse and senseless values ​​in a global environment of trademarks, pawn shop hearts and sold smiles.

In a hegemonic environment wherever you go no matter the country or language.

Awfully similar places faceless people, ridiculously and repetitive.

In Simple gestures I have encounter great lessons that are no longer common for anyone, is when I realize how great the subtle expressions are, I keep a different pace no matter what happens or changes in my life, simple actions but full of meaning.

When I go I face myself, I look deep inside my intuition,  I start again.

Leaving was just the beginning of a return, the first step to see without bitterness or agonies, free patterns and laws.

Our house resides inside ourselves in all our actions in the way we postpone or advance.

Each situation depends on how you look at the horizon, things you want to achieve with hands full of feelings.

No matter the place, time or condition.

quiet, light, introspective.

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