Sunday, December 16, 2012


Everyone wants a piece of the cake without exception we play in our heads to be perfect in every situation and travel very far into our minds as far as we can.

I love the other way, brought by the changing world, as the sphere where we sit, the ecstasy of a constant present, without yesterday or tomorrow this novelty like the air that differ systematically and the situations that I never expected.

I'm part of that never-ending falling avalanche, of that fierce wave that drags everything we are and we are subjected to.

I am part of an eternal developing language, I like to have everything and lose it too fragile until the end.

The imperfection of the streets, the lack of direction in traffic signs, fast and fleeting.

And I bet myself all the time, I like to exercise and feel being born every minute, which many chrysalides agglutinated one inside the other.

And the effort, hard work, regardless of the outcome, I do it at present, raw, real, alive and current.

I love the other way established by no one, I have no leaders, images, models, my own imperfect way that builds and destroys me.

I prefer the other way which is not planned, that is not taught at school, and I do not foresee that plays hard leaving its mark.

I get along without examining the wild and free, without fear, without prescriptions, no pamphlets that warn.

Everyone wants a piece of the cake, not daring, without energy, no time, we can never bet on the future.

We all put ourselves in deal situations without living them, in express, in a rapid eye movement.

We all want the best without a slightest effort; we all have what we deserve to.

Look around you NOW.

Who are you?

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