Sunday, December 2, 2012

Common Sense

A body captured by evil, a human possessed by demons that bind him, sink him and make him desperate.

Exorcise it from our point of view the task of bringing out these evil beings that have held a soul and seized the body, is after an analysis of the journey of that person life when we come to such a conclusion.

It is how we know when a string of random and deliberate events dragged the unfortunate person succumbing in the arms of one or hundreds of thousands of paranormal ruthless voices.

Each time it works less this labor of god’s divine favor has increasingly less likely when you look around, when you walk your path and becomes more dense and confusing.

What are the demons that challenge us today? Irresponsibility, hypocrisy, lack of motivation, vanity, inverse values, the idolatry of puppets, excessive hatred, selfishness, each one separate is a large and uncontrollable beast and an animal of epic proportions when they get together.

Exorcise it is a thing of the past now we have to swim against those currents to get out of this endless quotes that we have done with beings who govern us in all orders and thinkable situations.

And it's not a matter of poses it is of salvation that grows like a cactus in this mental desert, rises in its alternative form Picasso style, strange black and white caricature, with no term.

Grunge sordid sound dazed and sedated heart, a lost taste, eyes closed, red sun, the cartography of a lost country.

Human geography lying on the floor, theater of the absurd, prolific horror pantomime.

Exorcise was thing of the past when we were coming slowly, when they still existed and now that we are all here there is no consensus there is no ceasefire to wait a sunrise.

A mural of horror that is growing a very violent protest that ended with common sense.

common sense?

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