Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just Sitting

           A marked lack of interest, doubts as currents without channel opening space in the everyday poverty, the almost total ignorance and indulgence.

Maybe one day our general perception will be one or the most hardened enemy as unknown metal machine as warrior convinced of the work.

The reality that concern us invading and inviting the change.

The nakedness with which we are born and immediately we reject, dismissing a condition that belong to us.

Then where we go when we undertake the rampant break without stopping as changing planes and surfaces at different densities degenerating in time and space.

So where we are now?

To finally give in taking a deep sip and pause, realize that being out of ourselves as ancient souls who lost their decay material bodies right through the unmistakable ability of ignorance.

This satirical armor that we set to fall apart from everybody and everything, has become a profound meditation used from moment to moment, we assume it as a fancy dress.

So one day sitting somewhere you say goodbye to those modest benches amazed for all the marvels growing around as if you are already gone without movement, absent from every sound.

Time passes and our bodies as modest accommodations are the only protecting shield that supports us from a massive hit, we call life.

Severe widespread ignorance has become a modern disease is proscribed by the more particular one and acute attacks hard with blindness, and paralysis of the tongue and all the strings that are tied to it.

Precisely in the absence it stands as fencing dagger giving a perfect lunge.

Do not want a trophy; we are not behind a new knowledge to change the order of things, we are identified with all the trivial things.

So where we are now?

Here we are just sitting.

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