Friday, November 2, 2012

Smoke and mirrors curtain

Making decisions is always an interesting exercise, puts us in a position of personal reflection and self-evaluation, is to require explanations ourselves, is to confront and self-introspection.

To Take these same decisions becomes almost an impossible task, when we are in the middle of a smoke and mirrors curtain, in the center of a storm of social confusion, into the root of a buried tree.

When violence is focused as a solution to the differences in criteria, when there is no justice, when institutions do not work and life is based on the power of an individual.

The curtain gets bigger and blurry, its surface extends everywhere puts you against a wall repeated in fragments confusing your ability to understand what is happening around.

When you hear those voices that tell you not to do things right, that the effort is not worthy, that pursuing your ideas and express them is not an option.

When everyone escapes, when everyone goes to another place, when those who remain are lethargic and turn their backs to the sea, when those ones that stay don’t know where to go or who to talk with.

When a group walks segregated, when there is no collective construction, when we are not associated and as chaotic herds we are trying to advance.

Where is the line that separates, where the culture is, where are the approaches that seek for communion and balance between us.

Where all norms are based, what would be the direction to follow, how we determined the power of us.

It's hard when the curtain and all the confusion that brings is our creation, is a giant Frankenstein that escaped from our hands, an indomitable storm, a savage animal that is chasing us constantly making us captives.

We are slaves of our own ideas, absurd decisions; we are isolated on a distant island.

A surreal space.

A smoke and mirrors curtain.

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