Sunday, November 25, 2012


Abysmally lonely she walks among many empty spaces, never call us, always observes.

With lethargic steps travels in the clear and vast humanity, she is not part of us, we belong to her.

Retracts and hesitates but does not change her ideas suspended flying back from time to time.

It handles very closely, without showing.

I taste its viscosity is inevitable to me, perennial, constant.

I drink it and as an addiction is spreading everywhere in different forms and it is irresistible to me, it is for everyone.

Such sordid alarm sound, slips through the roof, the parks, And everyday life out the streets.

Is placed in every solitary prayer, transient as litter in the huge pond, as withered as wailing wall.

Does not belong to the dark or bright, is a unique form not looking for anyone, No person finds her.

Her giant eyes are fixed, fired as an infinite crystal obelisk splitting the sky.

Her horizon never ends, also her emptiness, her intricate mode that comes perpetual in many wings shaped by millions of them, making it more discreet and dominical.

Is honestly lonely, unitary, sudden and soft.

I remain static as you, as a mold bronze saturated, like many breathless images, breathless from thousands of torrents of adrenaline, disturbed as killer blood.

I feel really cadaveric without reasons, fully submerged between capsized ships.

when we leave as deads without gravestones, creating the city undoing a solitary bust.

That frozen we turn to you.

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