Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drawing a Face

Fill your eyes with lights, the rest what lies in shadows?.

Lights and Shadows?

A turning point deducted from years of a terrified journey
Of use and abuse.

Why people get away? Why are the majority afraid?

The rebounds of a light reaper, demonic tones of horror and pain.

You Ask for the aid that you don’t want to lose, no laxity redoubles best values​​, proposals or solutions.

How many lights? How many shadows?

Draw the face of collective misfortune common denominator of a place whose ideas died abandoned by the nature of its own feelings that corroded by a chaotic and confusing sea agitated by a capital storm of absurd.

Oh how much dark, visibility is bad, because I cannot see?

Scheme closed no false bullets, no prior notice or negotiation, voices were silenced, that theory of a dissident nation.

A country that is away from his generation returning cyanide to the cayenne, stingers splashing the salt breezes preventing   the growth in every way.

Oh that drastic cloud I can barely breathe amid much secrecy air is cut to less than half as dense as colder winter days within a mind and a gloom that never felt before.

Many inflections of a common thought broken, and I only wanted to see you, watching you closely express how much we can achieve and look at the light accompanied.

But the haze?

That left us a diaphanous cooperation and absence of common feelings.

And I just wanted to see you.

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