Monday, May 27, 2013

We Belong

Space and time are the same thing said a revolutionary named Einstein, space and time we don’t want to give and you always want to exceed without care.

Space and time are allies Mr. Albert got tired of explaining its relativity and even with his simple and monochromatic suits that left us known that is no worthy to over dimension ourselves and becoming decorative as the four walls that hold us and the clock hand are as marriage by the church.

And if you knew to keep a secret sacred as the water that is running out, as the increasingly saturated air lead loaded, violent, enemy, full of foreign blood and yet very typical of us into my family, t's you and me inside you.

If only I understood that my house is inside your body as energy transformed, shining as your beauty mutating into an amazing stylized silhouette hugs me with eternal heat, as Caribbean folklore.

We are part of a huge explosion that expands in million years tied to the love that transcends the struggles of us against us, and displayed in sizes and colors so diverse, speaking multiple languages, welcoming countless creeds.

You can not change what you feel when you smile to unexpected gesture that implicitly awake fraternity between the two of us, then I give you a hand and a boost more than sensible is real and tangible, as healing when I hug you is to tell you that I am part of you that even outside your body I'm into you.

No need to stop the flow that exerts your kiss on my forehead traveling accompanied by words that always will be part of me, it is impossible to annihilate those feelings the thinker told us we are a framework of space and time.

We are a giant heartbeat within a vast sidereal ocean called universe and every grain of sand that each one contributes by slightest attempt it look like we all shine even in the adversity, we are all capable if we propose it to ourselves.

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