Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One-eyed Reflection

Who knew that the changes would be so many from that trip did by a giant revolutionary who still lies in the Caribbean, and as from the boat that brought you in 1510, imposing your shadow, has reached a distorted legacy of emancipation as ballast caring your actions.

How ironic was a stone root, fire, and heat as human tears faded the unbearable sound meanness and misery of a failed global system contribution.

And I tend to think the height of the basic instincts, the satirical who counterweight knowing so much as studying your story but not what the meaning represent to us, by carrying garbage upholstered head in a world that kills for sex without shame, but not for the purposes of any cause less common.

So he took a personal rein centuries after from a line of what could be your tree, and plays his way to discover in the eyes of helpless children in the faces of hunger in the souls lack of faith, unprotected in a Caribbean skies a boardwalk covered only by your shadow, and the gentle breeze that sometimes seems to come out of your mouth as savior echoes.

In his own way just like you gave his soul for the unfortunate souls, traveled from the Old to the New World to save them and free them from oppression, the shame and deception subjected the most absolute poverty and most damaging of all mental poverty.

And so in your honor the horror was established under your careless imposing statue, among garbage, human waste and infants depressed by drugs, he traveled in time, use and abuse of the few innocent that resided on those confused small ones and the needs that were more prevalent and forced them to fall into prostitution in everyway.

But he would not die as you in new lands giving his soul until his last breath, he would not talk about Christ among homeless and disgraced ones so did an abortive escape by abandoning you trough the back door.

Then from Wesolowski to Montesino .

Jozef Wesolowski wanted to be Fray Antón Montesino.

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