Friday, November 29, 2013

Metastasized gravity

Gravity lost its shafts axis, you are inanimate, suspended as you never knew, no lights or signs to guide you, any path.

For the first time you feel fear as the child's first cry you expanded to  an unknown motion which is not arrange, without habit patterns or explanations.

Phrases emerge, no one saves, no options, like a wall dividing in Berlin, criteria and nowhere land to stand over.

Your attitude is your terminal illness, your punisher, no deadlines, no middle terms, and there are no chances in your way of seeing things and others.

A pile of corroded metal, a lot abandoned without registration, your atomized eyes, very light, absent, estranged .

Reverse, repulsive and wrong, a tree without roots, an empty stage.

Heart encrypted filled with dilemmas detonate in each language move, germinated in an indefinitely union.

Dull, heartless excuse, feel the sweet taste of free fall, halfway.

Stationary, metastasis of gravity, ex-star, outside the organization and the ritual.

Oh, there is a crude circus, brutal, a Roman circus.

Oh ,  there is a lost storm.

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