Sunday, April 28, 2013

Abandoned wave

A power play crushes you and subjected, keeps you tied.

A semblance of force, marching towards you.

Tornado that pull your intentions and possibilities violently.

Sudden action, uprising of rebellion.

Did you establish a strategy about human nature, about people.

You thought a plan, a scheme, and there is not possibility of repressing the motivations, besiege the will of anyone.

Then a mob, a condensed state of schizophrenia, a dispersed mass invades you.

You try to explain and justify rather than accept, causing your own hunting spirit prison.

You lost everything in exchange for recognition and fame?

You abandoned yourself in a failed attempt to return to you?

When will you reconcile your actions with the expression on your face? How will you preserve the happiness you never gave? And get away from the stresses of the furies you woke from your position among all those that once supported you and now they wonder what is the face of the plastic doll.

Are you stopped?

Advance repressed, subtlety of stone

Lost in the station, alienated inside your body.

The big event you announced and never happened, facing the resigned look of all those invited will no longer continue.

Paid with lies and false feelings.

I remember the saying, who pretends to be missed, ends up being forgotten.

In reference to you there’s nothing to remember.

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