Monday, April 1, 2013

Young Tree

You were irreverent, challenging and fierce but sowed a root barely perceptible and something will happened.

You're walking in life, but if you plant a tree even premature will grow and over time will bring the splendor, so the distances and material things are not important but his shadow will always remember.

Run relentlessly as much as you can but if you put your desires, your feelings, your goals, such branches will be hard and structured.

No matter if you were born in adversity, null possibilities places, an iron trunk will be lifted from the mud, planted against the odds.

And bends but does not break, although subject to the impossible forecasts it will rise.

A whole universe will turn back on you but its breeze, its leaves, its true colors and smells.

You can fade away but a young tree will remind you that not all was in vain that not all was lost, never forsake yourself firm and precise.

A young tree that reflects humility, free and graceful playing showing you that everything has a time and a place and that life is based on those bulging eyes, light-filled sun and salt.

A tree confidant, your thoughts of yesteryear, beating diary.

A young tree.

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