Sunday, April 21, 2013


A cold-blooded fake smile, a polite disregard greeting.

Blood of reptiles and amphibians.

Your eyes full of irony, cold as frozen crystals, knives.

Resentful liquid, hypocritical nonsense words that deviate from the proceeding.

Actions like the cold river, pressurized at low temperatures

Inert Stunned look like a living fossil refused to feel inexistent, very retired in space - time.

Coagulated person, piles, in a moribund progressive pose.

The blood made ​​ice, steel, and concrete.

Ballad caged, calligraphy empty, full and final distance.

Almost an object, repulsive and inanimate.

Nearly a name among many, almost.

Irresolute skin, undefined, incoherent.

In Cold Blood you vanish, unnecessary, without emotion.

Dried sweat, essential lack bent nail.


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