Sunday, March 24, 2013


Standing in front of a crystal looking what happens outside, in transit, waiting.

Watching at details of power, suspended technology, housed in transition.

You sit down and go over some letters and entertain yourself, by the way.

Right now you are a citizen of a place without flags or territorial boundaries.

A resident in your clothes and warm hands full of illusions.

At this time you stay in front of yourself.

You get up and walk a bit longer recognizing the physical extent of the corridor,
Many voices, faces, gestures, smells, situations that none belong to you and you to them either.

You start to talk to yourself, large and airy.

Debates, laughing, sadden you and move on with your endocrine sound.

On the way, on the path, conscious to the abyss or Glory, warned.

How much hope you deposited in this departure, no established.

Decisions, modes, colors and clock needles , many places in one.

Are you deep inside me.

A tide advantageous stalker, a very fierce wave that suddenly explodes and traps  you.

A sudden situation, a scare impertinent.

Fever that does not sweat, virgin and alternative.

And then you come out of the connector unstable, steel tube and glass.

Take off the turning wheel, in re-turn.

Is that yourself deep inside me.

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