Sunday, March 17, 2013


Prisoner of her soft smell, the taste and premature heat, universal.

Deported to her forest contrasting puberty, million shades of green that flirt with the light.

Attached by ties of saliva and knowing glances.

Retaliation of enjoyable gestures, complexity of foreign conditions.

Free fall on her long hair and black eyes, eternal, beautiful.

Besieged far distance came into that ocean, so salty and wet.

Words as vocal cords woven silk, spinning my steps, leading my hours without stopping .

Fingers construct two additional hands that are moving together, accomplices, progressive.

Ideas of enormous horizon.

Her fluency diluted me, travels with me wherever I go, every different place my feelings grow, uplift.

Wise Dialogues of facing souls in a synchronized dance.

My cornerstone, my anchor of feelings.

And did not know how to be fine until getting involved with it.

To love someone? without fear of doing it.

Certain things happen and maintains me so optimistic no matter what happened.

Protecting me, my close encounter and unconditional.


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