Thursday, March 21, 2013


This will be your shortest speech? in front of an orphan hearing  with a single word.

This will be your not read paragraph? Without teleprompter, no tabs, no banners.

I will save you the pulpit? The gala clothes, hollow prayers.

Your last curtain call? Ghostly apparition as intermittent shadows.

A script without character? Expressionless face, shades of gray.

Erratic hypothesis? Walking within a plantation of thorns.

Your final postulate? Staring, lost hours.

Favors you never paid?

Your words will be more energetic? Coming from a closed mouth.

Shortcuts, circular adjacent path.

You Started talking and I hear no sound, each sentence is more wrong than the previous like you're talking in many mixed languages, transmitting chaos.

Reverse reading, and your jumping eyes as falling into deep sleep stages.

I keep wondering?

Will this be the last time you tried riches as poverty?

Will this be your conclusion? Sterile, hanging nowhere, negative hallucination.

Would be this time?

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